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Handmade decorative wooden spoon - Wylie
Handmade decorative wooden spoon - Wylie
Handmade decorative wooden spoon - Wylie
Handmade decorative wooden spoon - Wylie

Handmade decorative wooden spoon - Wylie

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🎁 Perfect for Housewarming, Birthday, Occasions, etc. Gift.

Beautifully hand carved wooden spoon, this is a must have for any spoon collections, we have over 30 styles to choose from. They are completely food safe.

These small wooden spoons are completely functional and aesthetic which were designed specifically to serve delicately minced toppings, condiments, sauces, dessert, etc.

They are 100% handcrafted by skilled artisan which make a unique piece, ideal for gifts, utensils for restaurants, cafe, etc.

Our Design Wooden Utensil are completely handcrafted by Vietnamese skilled artisan which make a unique piece and ideal for your daily use.


100% Natural made from Wood


Hand wash
After every use, give them a quick bath in warm soapy water
Do not put wooden products into dishwasher. The intense steam and extended time in hot water may harm the material as wood expands in water
Clean gently wood products with a sponge, in warm water.
Dry thoroughly and immediately after rinsing.


It is easiest to clean wooden spoons if you do it immediately after use, before food has time to dry on them
Gently rub, using a circular motion, over the surface of the wood with a slice of lemon or a teaspoon of baking soda and let air dry to remove strong flavors, ideally every 3 months.
For better preservation, rub wooden utensils with food-grade mineral oil. Hang the spoons up to dry after oiling and do not use the spoons until they have fully dried.
Apply food safe oil or oil/wax occasionally to make the spoons last a long and beautiful life.
Separate utensils for cooked food and raw food.


The size is approximate and can vary slightly due to the nature of the materials, styles and them being handmade.

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Dimensions: 4 x 20cm