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2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set
2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set

2 in 1 Bamboo Straw Set

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Every purchase will contribute to help the environment and support sustainability. Our bamboo straws are high quality and are built to last.

These Reusable Bamboo Straws are perfect for coffee, tea, cocktails, smoothie etc and highly recommended in any events like parties, wedding, celebrations, etc

Our sustainable bamboo straws are 100% naturalorganic & beautifully handcrafted from our local Vietnamese artisan.

SET include
  • 2 different widths (6-8 mm and 8-10 mm inner diameter) straws to suit a variety of beverages. Both straws are 20 cm in length
  • The 2 straws slide inside each other and is capped off at both ends with 2 end caps making it extremely portable and practical
  • A cleaning brush is also included in the kit.

DIMENSION: Bamboo Straw: 6-8 mm in inner diameter & 20 cm in length

100% FOOD SAFE: Natural made from bamboo by Vietnamese artisans. Absolutely no chemicals used through out the process. They are food safe and perfect for all your drinks.

CONVENIENT: Our biodegradable bamboo straws come with carry pouch bag which are perfect for camping, out at a coffee and just about anywhere you travel.

REUSABLE & DURABLE: Say goodbye to single-use plastic and take your reusable bamboo straws when you are out and about. Our bamboo straws are strong, sturdy & can be used again & again.

100% BIODEGRADABLE: With proper care, our Straw can last a lifetime, but if it’s reached the end of its life, Bamboo Straws are fully compo-stable and can be easily recycled. Zero waste. Simple.

TIPS: Our washable natural straws include a cleaning brush, we recommend scrubbing the inside of your straw every often. After each use, rinse and dry your bamboo straw.


  • We advise people to boil their bamboo straws in a little salt and vinegar before using them for the first time. This helps to remove any residue, or remove any ‘woody’ aroma.
  • We don’t recommend putting bamboo straws in a dishwasher; however, they are 100% dishwasher safe, but make sure to switch off the hot & dry function and dry them immediately.
  • We recommend scrubbing the inside of your straw every often with the cleaning brush supplied (can also be purchased separately).
  • Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, and never in air-tight containers or jars.


  • Due to the nature of bamboo, the dimensions given are an approximation as every bamboo straw is unique, so there may be slight differences in size and in each piece.
  • Bamboo straws can be a perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, weddings and corporate events. For further information on our we can help, please contact us.

SHIPPINGOur warehouse located in Sydney, Australia , we also offer INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING and deliver to your front door. For more details, click here