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How Are Coconut Bowls Made ?


The coconut industry in countries like Vietnam is booming, harvesting coconuts for their flesh, water, sugar, and oil.

Did you know that every year thousands of coconut shells are discarded and burnt as a byproduct after only using the husk for bio fuel and the meat and water for food, oil, or beauty products? Besides being a waste of natural resource, they have released a huge amount of CO2 into our atmosphere causing harm to the environment. To solve this problem, the coconut bowl is an awesome solution for an eco-sustainable lifestyle which made entirely from coconut shells, they're 100% natural, bio-degradable, compostable and zero waste throughout the production.

Coconut Shells

Coconut bowls are gifts from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. With every use you save a coconut, help the environment and support rural craftspeople.

The coco bowl is an awesome tool for an eco-sustainable lifestyle and coconut is a very sturdy material, unlike glass, ceramic, porcelain.

The zero waste bowls can be used as breakfast bowls and smoothie bowls and perfect for serving any sort of snack. Everything looks and tastes better with Coconut Bowl!


We work with local farmers that harvest the coconut shells in the most sustainable and organic way in western Vietnam.

For a coconut shell to be hard enough to be used as a bowl for food, the coconuts have to be matured.

We get our coconuts from the discarded coconut industry.

Coconut Bowls Making

The reclaimed coconuts are turned into bowls by cutting them down to the correct size (between 6 and 8 cm deep), the average size for cereal bowls.

Every bowl then is sanded smooth and then trimmed to perfect shape, inside and out, to give them that smooth and shiny feel.

To make sure everything is safe to use, we clean them one by one and polish them on the outside with organic cold-pressed coconut oil, which makes them shiny and water-repellent.

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